Cookie Policy


This Policy is issued for the purpose of providing information to the users about the principles of use of cookies for ((shall be hereinafter referred to as “ISO 500 Website”) of Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ICI).

ICI Cookies

Cookies are used to determine the details of how you use ISO 500 Website, including from where and which devices the users are connected to ISO 500 Website, which content is viewed and the duration of visit.

Types of Cookies

Types of cookies by duration of use:

Session cookies are used by ICI in ISO 500 Website depending on the duration of use. Session cookies end when you close your browser.

Types of cookies by the cookie owner or the party placing the cookie:

ICI uses “ICI cookies (firstpartycookie)” or “third party cookies(thirdpartycookie)” on ISO 500 Website depending on the party placing the cookies. ICI cookies are created by ICI and the third party cookies are managed by the third party companies we work with.

Types of cookies by purpose of use:

Technical cookies, verification cookies and analytics cookies are used by ICI on ISO 500 Website depending on the purpose of use.

How ICI Uses Third Party Cookies for Retargetting

ICI uses Google Analytics, a web analysis tool provided by the Google Inc. (“Google”). Google Analytics uses cookies for the purpose of analyzing how users use ISO 500 Website with statistical information / reports. For more information about the use of Google Analytics (including the options of rejection), please visit the address given below: